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Maintenance Assessment Districts in Mira Mesa

Maintenance assessment districts are formed to provide a higher level of landscape maintenance along streets than is provided automatically by the City of San Diego. The additional maintenance, along with its management, are funded by an annual assessment on nearby property owners.

There are three maintainance assessment districts within the Mira Mesa community as shown on this map. They are:

1. The Mira Mesa Maintainance Assessment District covers all of Mira Mesa Blvd and the areas of the Mira Mesa community south of Lopez Ridge and north of Carroll Canyon. The Mira Mesa Maintenance Assessment District is managed by a subcommittee of the Town Council, which meets on the first Tuesday of each month at the Mira Mesa library. Tom Derr is chair of the subcommittee, and inquiries about the assessment district can be sent to Here is the Mira Mesa Maintenance Assessment District proposed budget for 2014. Here is a detailed map of the Mira Mesa Assessment District.

The MMMAD is proposing to expand their maintenance areas as described in these MMMAD minutes.

2. The Calle Cristobal Assessment District covers the area adjacent to Calle Cristobal and Sorrento Valley Blvd. The MAD committee, co-chaired by Ted Brengel and Bruce Brown, meets irregularly at Lopez Ridge Park with City Maintenance Managers to discuss ongoing maintenance, the maintenance budget and associated assessments, along with changes for future maintenance and assessment. To be notified of upcoming meetings please contact Ted Brengel by email at Here is a detailed map of the Calle Cristobal Assessment District.

While the City of San Diego is responsible for maintenance of the roadways in many cases homeowner associations have made arrangements with the City to maintain the roadside area adjacent to their developments, leaving only the median to be maintained by the City. This often results in the designation of subareas with varying assessments within the district. To find out more and add your opinion to the maintenance of roadsides and medians along Calle Cristobal and Sorrento Valley Boulevard please attend the MAD Committee meetings. Everyone living in the vicinity of Calle Cristobal and Sorrento Valley Boulevard is welcome.

3. The Camino Santa Fe Assessment District covers the area adjacent to the Camino Santa Fe south of Flanders. It supports the enhanced landscaping along Camino Santa Fe.